Gnashers. Teeth. Chompers. Whatever you call them we've hand-picked the best products to keep those pearly whites shining just as nature intended.

  • Bamji bamboo toothbrushes

    Adding something new to the world of bamboo toothbrushes, Bamji has created a toothbrush with a replaceable head. That means you can reuse 65% of your toothbrush, even when you change it.

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  • BalancingAct creator holding a candle

    Life is a Balancing Act

    Completely natural (and affordable), Balancing Act candles are handmade by Hollie in her London flat. The candles come in UK-sourced, reusable glass jars. All packaging is water-soluble or recyclable.

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Kitchen & Homeware

Sustainable products designed to add some much needed zen to the busiest parts of our home

Ecojiko kitchen range

ecojiko Bamboo pot scrubbers